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Reduce skyrocketing costs and provide better care


Since 1999, Healthcare costs have risen

4x faster than wages 1

Healthcare is one of the highest costs employers face annually 2

34% of all healthcare costs go towards items not associated with patient care 2

More than 60% of personal bankruptcies are linked to medical bills

(75% had health insurance) 3

1 - Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational Trust annual survey

2 - Annals of Internal Medicine

3 - American Journal of Medicine



The Agile Clinic™ is an independent, flexible and expandable direct care medical campus. It is designed to transform Healthcare Delivery by providing solutions that lower costs while increasing patient access and care.

About The Proposal

Medical costs are driven higher by the demand for healthcare professionals to increase testing and specialist referrals in their hospital systems to profit on patients' health. The AGILE Clinic puts an end

to that.

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Find Out How You Can Save

Direct care savings to companies and employees are substantial. Learn how to provide better care and lower healthcare costs.


Direct Care Services Campus

The Agile Clinic™ Campus is a custom healthcare services solution based on the population health of the employer members it serves. 


Additional buildings, healthcare services, and providers are added in phases within the campus footprint as future employer member needs and medical specialties are identified.

The ROI is eye opening.

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The Solution

The Agile Clinic™ is an expandable, independent, and flexible medical clinic campus model. It is designed to save employers and employees significant money while providing innovative healthcare services.

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The Agile Clinic™

Community Health & Wellness.

A community-based, direct care campus of employers and healthcare providers who share a vision of partnership to deliver health care services. Ideal providers offer ambulatory or complementary services with a passion for providing cost-effective health and wellness solutions to communities.

collaborative | scalable | deployable | dynamic




Watch Now

collaborative | scalable | deployable | dynamic

Ready to Become Agile?

If you are an interested community employer, you can request a comprehensive presentation to fully understand how an Agile Clinic™ works and why you will want to add one for your employees and community.

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Get Involved Now!

Meet with an Agile Clinic™ Solution team member to learn more about how you can become Agile. Calling all local businesses, community leaders & residents.


Employers can implement this innovative solution and take control of healthcare for their employees

and community.

Reduce costs and provide better care.

collaborative | scalable | deployable | dynamic

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